Friday, March 20, 2009


i have read about the divorce statistic in the newspaper and it is really shock me.In today's age for a couple to think of growing old together seems, sadly, a bit foreign. The rate at which divorces are taking place and couples separate, it is a difficult task. This was not so, only two three decades ago. The changing norms have taken a big toll on the relationships. How about you? Do you believe that you will grow together till old age?

Sunday, March 15, 2009


A relationship demands sacrifices. Both the partners sacrifice to make the relationship work. Recently I was with a couple and I was listening to the sacrifices the wife had made. She said: I used to paint when I was young. I was a dancer. I loved hiking. I loved outdoor sports. But now I am so overwhelmed with kids and home that I have no time for myself. I did not ask the husband but I am sure that he has also given up many things to make the relationship work. The question is do either of them feel grateful to the other for the sacrifices?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is good reading for husband.As a private investigator, a lot of people ask me how to find out if their wife is cheating on them. I tell them this – it requires three things: intelligence, dedication, and patience. Before you start to think about how to catch a cheating wife, the intelligence should kick in. Why do you think that your wife is cheating? Has she began to come home later than she said she would? Do you often smell the cologne of another man on her? Have you seen suspicious emails on her computer? It is possible that you are just being paranoid, and that there is no real evidence that your wife is cheating at all. In that case, you shouldn't be asking how to catch a cheating wife, but rather, how to get some psychiatric help.HAHAHAHAHAH...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


How many pets have you had?

There are so many needy animals up for adoption that it is really hard to believe that so many people patronize the pet shops. We humans as a race have done a rotten job caring for the animals that we claim to love. We let so many unwanted ones be born, and then simply have them put to sleep when they become inconvenient. If you are thinking of getting a new animal companion, I must suggest as strongly as possible that you think of getting one of the animals for adoption to care for. After all, you will still have all the benefits of caring for a pet, and in addition will be making an important difference in the life of an animal.That was my opinion in what i have read in the internet about the animal adoption.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Recently I have read about how to communicate with baby. Wow! isn't that great thing to know a baby language. in that article there are a few tips in how to understand baby language. the most effective way is the baby sign language. Actually a baby talking with the movement,expression and a sign. But the most important thing to understand the baby language is you have to be a parent first.

Monday, March 9, 2009

would you go out with me?????

I have read an article about tips for date in the internet and my opinion is a good relationship advice does not come from mass media entertainers, but from qualified professionals. If you are looking for advice on dating, for God's sake, go to a qualified professional. A Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Social Worker is trained to help people to sort out all of the aspects of their life, from childhood to grave. They are the only people who are trained to give you advice on dating that is really worth anything. However, just having a degree and some training does not guarantee that you can give dating advice that is worth anything. Above all, like everything else in this life, it comes down to simply learning to trust yourself and your own instincts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Television now and then

Television has become a common communication receiver since it is commercially available in late 1930’s until now days. Television has trough so many revolutions since back then and until now the process is still continue. I have made a research about the revolution of the television and compare the television back then and now. There are some similarities and differences between the televisions now and then.
Even though there are big time boundaries between the televisions back then and now and through so many revolution but there are still some similarities between the television now and then. The first similarity is both of them have a plug in speaker. The user does not have to use the earphone to listen the sound. The second one is television is still using a button. The button is use for adjust the channel, adjust the volume, or to power on and power off the television. The third one is the revolution of television do not make a change the usage of electricity as the source to run the television. This is because the electricity is the cheaper and the easier source that user can get in this world until now.
The big time boundaries have made the television now days have so many differences since back then. First difference is the television back then use the fish bone antenna and now days the antenna has been change to the parabola antenna. The fish bone antenna have weak transmission signal that can only receive one or two channel in a time but it is different situation by using the parabola antenna that have a strong transmission signal that can retrieve thousand of channel in a time. Secondly the user of the old television have to change the channel or adjust everything by push the plug in button on it while now day user just have to push button on the remote control. The invention of remote control have make the user can change the channel from far away. The third one is the screen of the television only can display only white and black color while now day with plasma screen we can see full color movie with the high quality of picture. Next difference is with the new technology now day the thick shape of the old television has been upgrade with more slim and nice look.
As the conclusion, television now days is more sophisticate compare to the television back then. This is because television is number one information device in the world. The revolution of the television is a must to make sure the information are send effitionly.